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We are going on a trip))

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  • We are going on a trip))

    Hello. In short, we recently had a fight with my girlfriend and she was drunk driving the wheel ... and of course she crashed into the first tree. So I decided that it was bad to leave her in such a situation, and after talking with her doctor, I decided to go traveling with her a little. Only she is not keeping up well so far and I was advised to buy a travel wheelchair for her. Do not tell me what you need to take?

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    I honestly envy your girlfriend. How good that you have it. Well, about a wheelchair for traveling, I can tell you that it should be easy for your convenience.


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      Agreeing for a wheelchair to travel should be easy. Especially since lightweight wheelchairs are quite compact, durable and easy to handle. I think you should see In this article you will find many useful things about these wheelchairs.


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        As to Europeans traveling to the US: I first tavelled there in 1984, at the age of 25. I had researched my adventure extensively (no internet then), but despite my knowledge, I was simply blown away by the sheer size of your country.
        And I was blown away by of how much space Americans have for themselves and claim for themselves. The size of the houses, the properties, cars, roads everything! What also struck me, was that Americans live quite separate from one another, that there aren't many common spaces the way we Europeans understand them.

        Now I come back to America every year and still plan my trips thoroughly, but now through travel sites