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Are Alien Beings Dropping Off Sasquatch Scouts?

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  • Are Alien Beings Dropping Off Sasquatch Scouts?

    By Blaze Youngblood

    People often question the connection between sasquatch and UFOs. Some won't hear of it entirely. Is it really that unlikely that it could be a being dropped in from an alien craft, from another universe and planet?

    Consider what facts are in place, some call them contradictions, I call them solid hints and evidence.

    Fact - Sasquatch sightings have appeared on all 6 continents of the world. Most countries, all regions, climates, and elevations. They have different names, but all focus on the same concept of an ape-like man that has been undiscovered or unidentified by humanity.

    Fact - Besides species of Swimming Birds, no animal species dwells on every continent on this planet not including Antarctica.

    So the fact can be argued that no animal lives in all regions of the world, yet sasquatch sightings have been recorded on all continents. This, an animal that is very large on top of that. We aren't talking about the size of a dart frog, but something the size of a bear or potentially larger.

    To me, this further intrigues me into believing the possibility that it can be dropped off in different areas.

    If we had the ability to explore other planets and clone our identities to fit in, how would we approach it?

    I think the first thing that most would say is, disguise yourself to look like the planet's natives, look like one of them. So if an alien vessel wants to explore our planet, first idea would be to look like another human and blend in.

    In this there is a problem, other human interaction. If they look lke a white human male and drop off in the middle of Africa with violent and defensive tribes, they are likely to be captured or worse. If dropped into a city, you risk interaction. If you are exploring the planet you likely don't know much about the planet, don't know the language, don't understand the nature of people.

    So to avoid interaction what is the next idea?

    Look like a predatory animal that is native to the planet instead.

    If you are walking down your street and you see another attractive human that really is an alien, the likeliness of interaction is strong. If you are walking down the street and you see something that looks like a bear or a silverback gorilla, you will likely sense fear, not want to approach it and attempt to interact with it, but instead back off and let it alone.

    An alien being releasing an animal that looks like a large predatory beast resolves two things, direct interaction from most humans, and gaining it's objective in exploration of this planet. Both are achieved.

    Sasquatch is elusive, rarely seen, yet seems to cover a vast amount of ground across Earth. Is it seen because it's transported? If you had the ability to drop in at any point at any time to achieve a goal, wouldn't you do so as well?

    The concept isn't silly attaching UFO's and Sasquatch in the same conversation, it's the more closed minded that are convinced that it is indeed just an undiscovered species of animal, nothing more. They know so many "facts" that changing their stubborn mind about it is near impossible. Knowing so much fact about something that hasn't even been proven to exist can be damaging to the study.

    It's like in the Paranormal world and people who study it. EMF spikes are spirits communicating. "Orbs" are spirits manifesting themselves creating balls of light. Ghosts are more likely to create activity at night in the dark.

    All of these theories have developed into fact for a lot of people, and it's still not necessarily true. Maintaining an open mind and regarding this entire field of interest as an open possibility maintains integrity and intelligent discovery.
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    I am not convinced that bigfoot sightings are a psysical creature in this dimension/time stream