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Man Claims Bigfoot Is An All Terrain Vehicle For Aliens

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  • Man Claims Bigfoot Is An All Terrain Vehicle For Aliens

    Even though I don’t agree with Jesse Denson that all Bigfoots are all terrain vehicles for aliens. Though the possibility that some races could do this is possible I suppose. But I could only speculate. Though I feel this interview is a train wreck on many levels. I still thought I would share it for the utter amusement of it and for some reason it just cracks me up laughter wise. Be it true or not true. Certainly entertaining to say the least. Enjoy.

    1. So you say you claim there is a Bigfoot all terrain alien vehicle that aliens use on Earth to get around? Could you explain more about this.

    J.D. Yes there is a Big Foot unit. It is a bi-pedal machine that aliens can visit earth inside of from where ever they come from. The unit is millions of worlds and millions of years of technology combined. The unit is designed by worlds in the galaxy that have had communications amongst themselves for all of that time.

    2. You also said you’ve driven one before. Could you tell us that story pretty please?

    J.D. I was trained to drive the bigfoot, it has many features that your cartoon hertage has shown you, like a teleport system at the flick of a switch or at the pulse of a human thought from the drivers brain. You may drive the unit in manual mode all features run by hand controls or you may leave the unit in brain control mode, its up to you really there are many options. The unit can has invisibility, many of the units do not come with flight but they don’t need it when you can teleport. It is a sophisticated nano computing machine. There are rules to driving it and yes you can die inside of it. Long long list of does and dont’s just keep your head up and if you are thinking it and it is not happening you better start punching buttons. It has a safety autopilot, like panic button, but believe it or not some have still died while driving it.

    3. So are you saying there are no flesh and living bigfoots that are actually alive? Or is there these bigfoot alien vehicles and real bigfoots?

    J.D. All of the yeti, sasquatch, bigfoot you name its are now known galactically to be sentient being driven machines.

    4. What alien race designed this Bigfoot all terrain vehicle exactly? Is there only one race that has one or more than one?

    J.D. The unit is like I say millions of years and millions of worlds not all of those worlds had anything we would call homo sapiens.

    5. So who are you exactly and where do you come from? You’ve said you have had alien contact before. Could you tell us about this?

    J.D. I am man, I come from places where men go. This is a long story I won’t type now.

    6. Well the Native American perspective is that Bigfoot are people and they exist in tribes or clans so to speak. So surely all Bigfoots can’t be terrain vehicles. Because why would so many be together and if they are both kinds of bigfoot. How do the real bigfoots feel about the robot bigfoots?

    J.D. see question 3 above.

    7. You said these bigfoot all terrain vehicles can teleport to any destination. How does that work exactly and what is the purpose of this?

    J.D. Surprise! They are big.

    8. Could you tell us more about the aliens that designed these bigfoot terrain vehicles and what other technology they have?

    J.D. Could earth expand its boundaries of science to include the sciences of alien worlds?

    9. What else can you tell us about your alien experiences and what else is the bigfoot terrain vehicle used for? So your saying aliens actually ride in these vehicles to get around Earth and other planets?

    J.D. The unit is mostly a reconnisance vehicle but it can be used for pleasure as well much like a star trek hollideck but you stay inside the suit..

    10. Will the bigfoot all terrain vehicle ever become available for man to use or to purchase?

    J.D. see question 8 above

    11. So could you tell us more about yourself and your future projects and goals and feelings about the state of the Earth and alien life engaging with mankind?

    J.D. I feel pretty ineffective in a world that does not know what I know.
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