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Sasquatch Warrior Gladiators Planted On Earth By Aliens

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  • Sasquatch Warrior Gladiators Planted On Earth By Aliens

    Originally titled Alien Warriors by Ross Curley

    Regardless of what they are called, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti or EC ( Elder Children ). they are present on every continent on earth. Their own planet destroyed eons ago, they were brought here to survive and breed a superior warrior race.

    They are great warriors and when called upon for battle on other planets, they are hunted by those that have planted them here on earth. Those that survive in battle are returned to there family’s..

    The presence of the many UFO sightings are the ships that seek them for battle and those that return them.

    They have survived here by being elusive and staying away from humans. They try to avoid contact with humans, but some or those that are tired of the many battles they have fought in and survived try to avoid those that hunt them for battle.

    I by no means are an expert on their breed, but I know they want contact with me and when the time and place is right it will happen. My own type of research has shown me their presence.

    Maybe the movie series The Planet Of The Apes is not as far fetched as some might think. The Alien Warriors however are not desendent from apes or a cross between apes and man, but their own race, their own breed and their own minds.

    How can I be so sure as to what I have written here is true, I can’t, I just know.

    If I can’t believe in myself, then who can I believe in.
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