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I Have Seen Luminous Beings Of Light In The Heavens – Are They Us Without Our Bodies?

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  • I Have Seen Luminous Beings Of Light In The Heavens – Are They Us Without Our Bodies?

    This is very important from me to you. Please read it when you can. I wrote this earlier in the year. The Pow Wow I speak of can be found on my radio show archive.

    Take this from me if you ever take anything from me. The reason I do the Church of Mabus radio show is because I’ve seen weird stuff all my life after going thru chemo when I was 17. This ranges from Ghost to UFOs via every house I move to. It follows me. I also see beings of light and have seen 2 leave my house. I saw them outside leave thru my roof. Meaning they were inside and they came out thru the roof via passing thru it and flew into the heavens. I can also see these beings in the heavens at night when I stare out into space. Like a quantum realm around the Earth where they exist. I liken it to honey bees and a honey comb which is the Earth. If these beings of light are us without our bodies. Do you know what that means? We are eternal.

    Though why we have to get into these fleshly twinkie skin suits is beyond me sometimes. It means we’re all on the same team. It means all the racism and sexism and war and fights over religion is completely stupid. Because we’re all on the same team of alien spirit light glowie beings! I am trying to write a book about this and hope to get it done. But if something happens to me because I’ve wondered if I’m croaking when I see this stuff. I don’t think I am but it passes thru your mind. But if you take anything from me take this knowledge from me and I hope it helps you on some level.

    I think most of you know I don’t just make up S(((. When I see these beings it is like the Universe is allowing me to see them and it puts its finger on my head and shows me. I can see them good after waking up and looking out there. Its like I was there when I was sleeping and my inner light being is showing me. Then I look out later and nothing is there its dull as can be like that finger of great spirit is gone from my head. Outta of all the things to see if I had a choice it would probably be something else. lol Not glowing faerie light beings. I am not pressing my beliefs on you but please consider the realm of possibility if you don’t believe it. Thanks all for being here and I send my love and be ready a big Native Shaman Pow Wow is coming to this Summer. And we will talk about these beings and the star people and the Earth and much much more. Love you all and thanks for your support and friendship and for being on the show and for being a spiritual ally. I am grateful for seeing them though and for all of you. I am sharing it now in case I do croak before finishing the book. lol

    If you have any experiences that are similar and or have seen light beings please let me know or write it out in the comments and I will save it for the book possibly or you can email it to me at [email protected]

    Eternally, Jeffery Pritchett
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    Dear Jeffery,

    Just discovered the forum here.
    I've enjoyed reading your articles. You have a good eye for the interesting timely and important issues. Thanks for giving everyone a lot to think about. On the other hand, you can lead a horse to water, but ...
    By the way, my pen name on Before Its News is Charles Hudson - real name Clark Hay.
    At age 6, 10 and then 14 I had the dubious "pleasure" of seeing UFOs fairly close up - which made me realize there was far more to reality than the mundane world most live in.
    I spent many years (from about 8 years old) reading whatever I could get my hands on related to UFOs - and even back then quickly realized how difficult it was to sift through the babel of misinformation, the wishful thinking of new-age dellusional cult followers, the sufferers of psychosis, the perpetrators of hoaxes, the stories of mistaken identities, and all the flat out deceptive lies to get to some consistent semblance of the truth as it relates to the paranormal and UFOs.
    Had several instances of encounters with entities as well ... leaving more questions than answers. But you already know how that feels.
    And even when I unexpectedly encountered God and left emptiness of athiesm/agnosticism to become a Christian I found myself pretty much alone in pursuing the truth about such things. Over time, however, such matters have become less important - feeling that I have answered some of these issues. And while I think there ARE indeed some tentative (but consistent) answers to some of what you have experienced - but unresolved mysteries will likely remain. But I'm OK with mysteries ... they help keep my curiosity alive.
    Have you read much of what Preston James (Ph.D) has written on all of this at Veteran's Today? (example:Secret ET Global Takedown or just another Internecine Illuminati War? ). I sincerely think his overall view is mostly correct, with a smattering of what Steven Greer has discovered. David Wilcock has (again, in my opinion) become caught in the trap of having become a profitable cult figure to be trusted.
    Anyway, if you'd like to dialogue or share any ideas or stories, then I'm open to dialoging. There is much more to reality than meets the eye.


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      Hello Clark great to see you here and with such an intelligent response filled with worthwhile knowledge. Yes I have been in UFOlogy since my early twenties since having encounters of my own after being healed from cancer at 17. You are correct Ufology is such a circus you don't know who to trust anymore. So you just kinda become jaded with it all. I will check out Preston James article. Please share more about your UFO experiences when you feel like it and I look forward to more of your posts. The forum can use some assistance and now is a perfect time to put down roots in hopes of the tree growing a lot more. I interviewed Nomar Slevik on UFOS recently. I will share the link below. I don't profess to know it all but think everyone who have gone thru these encounters hold a piece of the puzzle. Good to meet you. Archive
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        Reality, as I now (at the age of 66) understand it, is that this dimension is a just subset of higher dimensions - which are populated by entities both good and bad, with the bad ones often posing as good guys. The complex coding of human DNA, the increasing improbability of macro-evolution, and the seeming holograph-style aspects of this lower dimension speaks of a creator(s) from the highest of the greater dimesions that surround us. My understanding of UFO "aliens" is that they are not from elsewhere but are "spiritual" entities from these ever present higher dimensions that can sometimes present themselves in this lower dimension. Darker occult black project military insiders and powerful elite families have long been in touch with the darker and very deceptive entities of these higher (but "fallen") "spiritual" entities - Lucifer being the highest (and definitely NOT a good guy). The cloned bodies of some of these "alien" entities are merely convenient vehicles for these entities to temporarily possess/inhabit. When one of these vessels wears out or is destroyed or dies they can inhabit a new clone. Although the cronies of Lucifer can appear as angels of light or emmissaries of well-meaning advanced people from distant star systems their "gospel" message is distinctly geared towards undermining and "re-interpreting" the ancient biblical view of God and Christ. The Christ conciousness teaching of enlightened masters is 99.9% rubbish. But this understanding has come from many years of experience reflection study and observation.
        You have implied that you may have some looming serious health problems ... If so, then I'll keep you in my prayers. Couldn't hurt, I don't suppose.
        OK ... That'll have to do for now. ... Been a long day and I'm pooped


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          Thanks for the link and the quick response.
          I'll check it out! Always a fascinating topic.


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            Interesting Thread. Thanks for sharing this information.


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              Nice to have you on the forum Clark, welcome.


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                Thanks, Mike! Glad to have "discovered" the forum ... It may give me a place to discuss a few things before posting. A sounding board of sorts.
                Always good to get a number of other views, as long as people don't get too ticked off when there is disagreement.
                The times I've grown and learned the most is when I've been challenged the most.
                And sometimes I've been dead wrong. I may put up quite a fight, but each new puzzle piece (as Jeffery points out) helps fill in the blanks and form a bigger and better glimpse of what this amazing universe is like.
                If I ever get beyond being teachable or correctable then I hope someone shoots me


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                  I've been caring for my ailing 92 yrs old father-in-law for over 2.5 years now. He's in hospital now, I've had VERY little sleep for two days, so I'm exhausted and not so good at proof-reading my thoughts before posting. But since I can't sleep (hospital staff keep coming in), so I'll quickly post some experiences and thoughts in an attempt to stay awake.

                  At age 6, on a warm moonless Summer night in Tulsa Oklahoma, I went out onto the back porch of the appartmentswhere my Mom and I lived. A wooden fence separated the apartment from the back yard of the house behind us. Along the fenceline grew a large cottonwood tree and something just over the top of the tree (not 40 feet away) caught my eye as I turned to go back inside. Hovering just a few feet over the tree was a craft that roughly resembles the UFO on the old Boston album cover but without much detail. The craft was entirely dark except for a faint blue glow around the edges and a very faint yellow glow on the domed top - reminding me of windows/portals. It blocked out the light of stars that could be seen everywhere else in the night sky. No Steven Spielberg craft by any means, but I had no idea what a UFO was at the time so it did not bother me much - I was just curious to know what it was. After maybe 15 seconds of staring at it, small blue jets of light flickered on the flat bottom side of the craft and the whole thing suddenly vanished. It never made a sound, not even a hum. It wasn't until the next day that my older backyard neighbor and nemesis was telling the other kids about it that I heard (for the 1st time) that this was a UFO, and "flying saucer".

                  Fast forward to the age of 10 when I was camping with my much older brother-in-law and his family on the banks of the Illinoisriver just outside of Talequah Oklahoma at the Sparrow Hawk camp. It was probably about midnight and I could not sleep. Everyone else was fast asleep. The sound of the river and frogs and crickets was a constant drone, and my nephew hogged what little space we shared in the old army sleeping bag. Very uncomfortable and time dragged by at a sloth-like pace. But then the surround area began to be illuminated - almost like the early morning light before the sun comes up. I raised up on one elbow, intending to get up, when the crickets and fogs all stopped thier noise as if on some magical cue. And then a large glowing craft moved into view horizontally over the heavily wooded shale bluff on the other side of the small river. It was perhaps 75 to 100 feet in diameter, oblong, and too bright to make out any edges or details. Slowly id moved to a place direectly in front of me, some 200 feet away and came to a dead stop - almost as if it had noticed me watching it. By this time I had seen enough scary movies to be so terrified that I froze and tried not to move or even breathe. And then the craft decended and disappeared behind the trees of the shale bluff, light rays show through the branches, and suddenly (as if someone had thrown a light switch) the lights turned off. Crap! I thought. It landed. In my mind they were going to tunnel under the river and suck me down into their tunnels sytem and suck out my brain or place in implant in me to turn me into a zombie or robot. I quietly laid back down, closed my eyes and pretended to be dead or asleep. ... On waking the next morining I was greatly distressed but could not remember why. Normally an overly adventurous daredevil, I wouldn't go into the river and sat close to the fire all day until later that evening when we left the camp to go back home. It was on my way home that my memories vividly returned. No one in the car believed me, so I kept it to myself for a couple of years.

                  Lastly, at age 14 (having told my stories to some neighborhood friends) Jack B. and I stood outside on the curb of his front yard on a warm Summer night. His gas yardlight and porchlights allowed us to see things close by. Then, mid sentence, we both stopped talking - feeling as if someone or something was looking at us from the darkness. I was on a bicycle, Jack was on the curb, when a silver disk maybe two feet wide zipped by right over my head - not 18 inches above me and right in front of Jack's face. I was able to see it's shape because it flew straight towards the lightpole at the corner - its smooth saucer shape silhouetted. Jack fell over backward, and ran into his house where he immediately slammed the door in my face and locked it - not allowing me in. I watched the skies and saw this silent object alternately making impossible sudden right angle turns just over rooftops and then drifting gracefully around telephone poles. I ran across the street to another friend's house - a person who never believed any of my stories (he later became a lawyer and judge). Dragging him outside we BOTH watched this silent silver disc fly directly over us as we stood in his driveway - maybe just 15 to 20 feet (at most) away. It appeared to have landed on the roof of a neighbor's house (they were gone and their house dark). We heard a heavy bumping sound as if it was pounding on their roof so we started throwing rocks and dirtclods at the roof - and it was then that Mike's Dad ushered Mike into their house and told me to leave. Alone and now terrified that I had angered the craft I snatched up my bicycle and sped home fueled by adrenaline. ... Again, one except Jack B and Mike H believed me, but years later a survey was done by a local college paper stated that that Tulsa during that time had been a real hotspot for UFO sightings, especially the 4 block area around where I and my friends lived.

                  I could write about my Mom seeing two large lights appear one night in the windows of her bedroom, or the sound of clawlike tonenails clicking on the linoleum floor of our kitchen and 5 or 6 small greys creeping towards my beadroom, or unexpected and unseen entities manifesting in my bedroom directly over me (I had not yet tried to sleep), or a number of experiences communicating with animals, and experiencing a flood of knowledge coursing through me so fast that it felt like the contents of the Library of Congress flowed though my concious mind with the force of a firehose - my brain understanding it all at the moment (which lasted only 15 seconds or so) but unable to retain any of it (like trying to get a cup of water from a firehose at full blast).

                  I COULD write about those and other such things, but I've pressed my own credibility to the breaking point as it is (if not past that point) so I will end tonight on this strange note.

                  Thanks for bearing with me ...


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                    Thanks Clark for sharing your stories with us. Can I copy these to keep possibly to use in one of my future books? Let me know. Ill give you credit. What is it about you that attracts them to you? Mine is weird it seems rooted in a prayer when I was 17 going thru chemo. I asked to be a superhero. lol Sounds cheesy I know but I had cancer then and The Great Spirit heard me. Still waiting on them to give me my super suit! =) I hope your father gets to feeling better. 92 wow. I'm 43 and its been on weirdo of a ride that's for sure. Stan Lee died recently the guy who created Marvel comics he was in his nineties. That effected me because I can remember getting Fantastic Four comics off the shelves and begging for them as a kid. I hope you get some rest and when more rejuvenated hope to see more of your posts on the forum. In my prayers.
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                    • Clark Hay
                      Clark Hay commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Hi, Jeffery! Yes! You are free to copy and use these stories - provided you promise to correct my spelling and sentence fragments (at least make them look a little bit better). ;-)
                      It would be highly speculative (maybe even presumptive) to guess why me. It may have absolutely NOTHING to do with me but just me being in the "right" place and time. But it IS odd that there were 4 years separating each event. If one had occurred at age 2 then I would have no real memory of that.
                      Seems I've always had the tendency to sense things first on an emotional intuitive level and then analyze them later in an attempt to verify and understand the experience. Not always possible to make sense of everything and I resist the temptation to force an explanation when the pieces do not seem to all fall into place straight away. Although the human mind abhors empty spaces and begs to fill in the blanks, I've learned that people make significant mistakes with hasty or contrived explanations. Besides, a little mystery helps sustain a sense of wonderment and curiosity, so unanswered questions are not a bad thing.
                      If these entities (good or bad) are always present (as angelic or demonic beings) from higher dimensions, and IF they are much more aware of us than we are of them, and IF they are familiar with our families and histories and human psychology, and IF they can see and evaluate our spirituality (both our strengths and weaknesses and potentials) in much the same way we can see the physical strengths and weaknesses and potentials of others around us then maybe they can use that knowledge to choose people selectively. Naturally, as a Christian, I add God into the mix as someone who intervenes, guides, allows, limits, and superintends everything - as He sees fit, without being obligated to explain anything. That is a LOT of IFs, but I believe all of these things provide important clues.
                      The universe and the supernatural is FAR more complex than we can imagine. If we have problems determining every factor involved in issues of THIS dimension then imagine how exponentially more complex things become when adding in factors from dimensions much greater than the ones we are most familiar with. This is why I cringe at overly simplistic or naive explanations offered by anyone.
                      Having said this, I love speculation just as much as the next guy ... but I TRY to keep speculation and certainty separate as much as possible until overwhelming evidence is discovered. And even then I second guess and question everything - over and over again. I KNOW how prone to err we humans are.
                      As a Christian I would say that the spiritual forces that exist around us have seen in you the potential to influence others - for bad or good, to clarify or obscure, to enlighten or deceive, to give good direction or divert others into rabbit trails that go nowhere. I would also say that God has been reaching out to you in a way that seems to the human mind to be far too subtle or indistinct. But preparing the human heart and mind for a life-changing encounter with God is not always something easy to do or accomplish without violating human freedoms to choose.
                      In the end, it is all a matter of competing desires and hopes and faiths. What Do you believe? Why? In whom do you trust? ...
                      As an agnostic/atheist, I concluded that life was meaningless and entered a moral and existential and emotional crisis. But when I sincerely offered my life to God IF He existed and gave him the opportunity to take me (body soul and mind) IF He existed then He surprised my by bypassing my intellect to reveal the depths of His love for me - liberally pouring out his love that seemed to cleanse me from the inside out. Now THAT is a supernatural, life-changing event, and it began a rewarding lifelong process in me - but not without great cost.
                      Where you are at in your own journey I can't pretend to know. But what I DO know is how you respond to opportunities along this path can determine your fate. Life is short. There are no guarantees. And a myriad competing urges fears hopes interests and desires can significantly delay or derail us from discovering that which is most important.
                      So, NO! I do not find your prayers and experiences to be cheesy. Quite the opposite. They are significant signs and opportunities.
                      I apologize for the length of my response. I used to drive my kids absolutely NUTSO with 15-minute explanations to simple questions - and I guess I still do. (sigh!)
                      Thank you for your best wishes concerning my father-in-law. He IS improving, but at 92 his days are certainly numbered. Just how many any of us have should make us try to make each day count.
                      And, like you, I lament the death of Stan Lee ... His characters stories and comic books inspired wonder and awe and adventure for me way back in the day. He will be missed.
                      Warm regards
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                    Here is a portion of an old email I sent to a small group of friends - dealing with being able to see beings not normally visible:

                    85% of the universe is invisible:
                    According to physicists, visible matter accounts for 15% of the known universe. The other 85% is made of unknown dark matter. Dark matter is invisible to us.

                    We only see a small portion of the light spectrum:
                    Below is a chart of the light spectrum, illustrating how small the portion is of light is that human eyes can see. Can you imagine what we might be able to see if OUR eyes could be opened to see all that there is in THIS dimension? … Now expand this concept to include all other dimensions – especially those larger spiritual realms. … Simply mind boggling.
                    The electromagnetic spectrum

                    The scriptures say there is populated realm we normally do not see:
                    2 Kings 6:15-17 When the servant of the man of God rose early in the morning and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was all around the city. And the servant said, "Alas, my master! What shall we do?" (16) He said, "Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them." (17) Then Elisha prayed and said, "O LORD, please open his eyes that he may see." So the LORD opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

                    Take Heart – God is still at work behind the scenes:
                    May God grant us the ability to see all that we should see and can see in this temporal world, and grant us the awareness that there is MUCH more going on in the undisclosed realms that we cannot see. So, take heart. Despite all appearances to the contrary, God is still at work behind the scenes.


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                      Hey Clark. I saw some article about a dark matter storm coming to Earth soon. I'll have to put something up on it sometime soon. I am down here in FL and Hurricane Michael knocked the crud outta me and had to move earlier than I was going to because it devastated the area so badly. I was in a tub with my smiling dog there in the photograph as the Hurricane beat on the house walls. Certainly terrifying and I prayed my butt off. lol You have a good way with words for sure and thanks for your knowledge on life's encounters with God and the supernatural. Besides my own human fear I never felt that any of my encounters wanted to hurt me. None of the beings seemed to have harmful intent. The biggest one beings the luminous beings I've seen. A shaman told me down in Peru they meet and watch the shining ones in the sky during the day. That was pretty weird to hear. I think they are angels and us without our bodies. I also wonder if someone dies if they are offered the chance to go into the light and then they may not because of fear of judgement and stay behind. Then by staying behind they become parasitic in nature. So many theories with all this stuff that's for sure. I've always enjoyed it so much with doing the show and everything. Because its an escape from this mundane reality. Plus the paranormal is kinda like training for what exists after you die and what is around you in the unseen realms. What do you think is going on with all the fires in CA? It certainly seems like compared to most times of the Earth that this one has gotten a whole lot more apocalyptic lately. Stan Lee.. definitely inspirational for me and my dream of writing fiction more. He could spin entire mythologies at the drop of a hat like Jack Kirby's art and so many other talents at Marvel and D.C., Image etc. I saw Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comic Books a while back. Really good. Kirkman made the Walking Dead. Keep us all in your prayers. Thanks. PS My book will be edited not by me.. God knows I need an editor always. Thanks for permission.
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                      • Clark Hay
                        Clark Hay commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Wow, Jeffery! So many questions, so little time ... :-)
                        If the rest of our population had half of your curiosity then we could boost our collective IQ 10 points or more.
                        Hadn't heard about the dark matter storm, so thanks for the heads up. Just hope that doesn't mean I'll have to dust more.
                        Leftover stardust? Nano-sized diamonds? Some exotic element? Or gunpowder residue from the "big bang"? ... Hmmmm!
                        Sorry you got slammed so hard - can hardly imagine how it must feel to go through all that and then contend with the loss and damage. A real kick to the groin for sure. But at least you survived it with your 4 legged friend by your side - and I love the pic.
                        Your ability to see the spiritual is fascinating. Sounds like whatever trauma you've experienced, or whatever drugs you've had to take may have broken down that thin wall of perception between this realm and theirs. Like Carlos Castenada having his perceptions shifted into that other dimension, you seem to be able to see things that others can only dream about.
                        I can only hope, for your sake, that the beings you've seen are truly kind. The ones I've encountered were not ... But even bad experiences and encounters can teach us things about ourselves and the universe - as long as we are willing to learn. ...
                        Angels and the intermediate states of the deceased ... so many questions remain for me about all that ... so many questions. Wish I could give you something reliable to guide you, but I've looked back at my meager experience and reached down deep into my theological black hat but all I pull out is thin air and feeble conjecture. So many questions.
                        I've speculated privately and with a few friends about the nature of the demonic and it's perverse destructive parasitic nature - and how much of that is mirrored in the worst parts of human nature - so at least we both have considered that aspect of things. And yes, all of the issues and interests we seem to share certainly break us out of the boring mundane everyday tedium. Can't imagine being satisfied by the meager offerings of dull routine most people seem to be content with.
                        The LA fires are intriguing. Having lived in Pasadena for a few years and experiencing the 80mph Santa Ana winds and feeling the searing heat of fire tornadoes as they raced across the San Gabriel mountains, turning everything to white ash that rained down for days on end, these fires may truly be of natural cause rather than something supernatural or caused by exotic weaponry like that which might have been used in the 911 attacks. But then there ARE indeed a significant number of very powerful groups with bad people out there with dark purposes and secret weaponry, so ... Who knows. I've seen a few videos that made me wonder, but not compelling enough to fully pursuade me either way.
                        One thing is for sure, though. The evil powers that be (both earthly and spiritual) seem to be pulling out the stops to undermine the present world order, which they MUST destroy to create their neo-feudal New World Order. Along the way (as you well know) they hope to create chaos, cull the herd, keep the masses dumb deceived distracted divided dependent indentured and subservient. The bible says the enemy of our souls knows his time is short and the assaults he launches will become ever more varied intense and numerous ... As I've intimated in my articles on the antichrist the global situation which will surround and enable him to emerge as a pseudo-messiah are rapidly developing. The assault on our senses and attention are full-spectrum and exhausting to keep up with ... But interesting. ... No one ever said the biblical end-times would be boring. Anything but.
                        OK .. got to go to bed now. After 4 days watching over my father-in-law in hospital we finally managed to get him well enough to place him in the nursing home where his wife has been for the last 5 years. Still have a lot of financial and insurance-related things to finalize over the next few days, but at least this difficult period appears to be nearing an end for us - at least until the next crisis occurs. But that's the way life in a fallen world is. A mix of good and bad alike. And like Charlie Chaplin once said: "Nothing in this evil world lasts forever, not even our sorrows."
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