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The Surprisingly Simple Way To Avoid Being Robbed

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  • The Surprisingly Simple Way To Avoid Being Robbed

    By Off The Grid News

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    Situational Awareness – The Simple Way To Avoid Being Robbed

    Let me start this out with a bit of a test for you. Try to answer the following questions:
    • The last time you stopped for gas, how many other cars were getting gas?
    • What color socks was your boss wearing today?
    • What did the people in front of you and behind you at the grocery line look like?
    • How many of your neighbors left this morning, before you did?
    • Were there any unusual cars parked on your street when you got home today?

    If you can answer any of those questions, without it being pure guesswork, you’re doing good. The truth is, though, that most of us can’t. We become used to the situations around us and then just stop noticing them. Then, when something new or different comes along, we don’t even recognize it for what it is. Instead, we’re looking at our smartphones — checking email, texting friends, or posting pictures to Facebook.