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The Fish Farming Future: Aquaculture For Food Production (Videos)

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  • The Fish Farming Future: Aquaculture For Food Production (Videos)

    by N.Morgan

    Aquaculture is also known as aquafarming or fish farming. Could this be the future of food production to meet the growing global seafood demand?

    A new report, titled “Towards a Blue Revolution” from The Nature Conservancy and Encourage Capital” from The Nature Conservancy and Encourage Capital.
    Aquaculture to meet food supply demands

    The global leader for The Nature Conservancy’s aquaculture program, Robert Jones, said: “One of the top things we’re doing as an organization is to try to find solutions to feeding 9 billion people on the planet by 2050 in the most sustainable way possible.”

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    How does aquaculture, or fish farming, work?

    Fish farming on land is known as recirculating aquaculture systems. Jones explained the process: “Basically you are growing fish in tanks on land using advanced filtration technology to filter the waste…The new science on this is showing that water quality impacts beyond 90 meters from [these farms] are generally highly reduced, and some of the most recent studies coming out are showing that there is no measurable impact on water quality around these farms when they’re offshore, which is pretty remarkable.”

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