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Why The Enhanced Computing Power of The Human Brain

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  • Why The Enhanced Computing Power of The Human Brain

    By Alton Parrish (Reporter)

    Neurons in the human brain receive electrical signals from thousands of other cells, and long neural extensions called dendrites play a critical role in incorporating all of that information so the cells can respond appropriately.

    Using hard-to-obtain samples of human brain tissue, MIT neuroscientists have now discovered that human dendrites have different electrical properties from those of other species.

    Their studies reveal that electrical signals weaken more as they flow along human dendrites, resulting in a higher degree of electrical compartmentalization, meaning that small sections of dendrites can behave independently from the rest of the neuron.

    These differences may contribute to the enhanced computing power of the human brain, the researchers say.

    MIT neuroscientists can now record electrical activity from the dendrites of human neurons.

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    This is incredible! Fascinating stuff! I'm going to write a paper about this. Definetely will. For my work at . Helping kids with their homework and writing this kind of thing, it's a dream come true.