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Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Roman Moat Near Tetouan, Morocco

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  • Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Roman Moat Near Tetouan, Morocco

    by N.Morgan

    An assemblage of archeologists from the University of Cadiz in Spain have discovered the ruins of a Roman moat at Tamuda, an archeology site near Tetouan in northern Morocco.

    The Spanish team has been excavating the Tamuda site for a decade. The research was primarily funded by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and private Spanish organization Palarq.

    The Roman moat is an important discovery because it may be the first archeological finding of this kind in Morocco, stated the University of Cadiz in a press release.

    It is likely to be part of a Roman military fort and would have been built around a camp, as part of a well-known Roman defensive strategy.


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    I find it really interesting thank you for sharing, it is a very beautiful discovery that archaeologists have done