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VMware Installation and Configuration

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  • VMware Installation and Configuration

    VMware is a virtualization program. With this program you can introduce various operating systems basically on our PCs. You can test or test diverse operating systems without transforming anything in our system.

    Usually we need to upgrade system to Linux for instance, however we set out not and we don’t know whether we will be equipped for running that OS. VMware-workstation can assist you for this issue since we can attempt the same number of OS’s we need on our machine. VMware-workstation is compatible with all versions of Windows and can be installed on 64-bit systems; there is also a version for Linux.

    Once you open the program you will see the screen where we need to acknowledge the legal agreement as appeared in the accompanying figure.

    When we acknowledge the license agreement, we demonstrate the primary program window, which indicate us three principle alternatives as appeared in the accompanying image, which are:

    New Virtual Machine: This will be the alternative we use in this manual since it is in charge of making virtual machines.

    This post gives you an overview of Installation and Configuration of VMware. Read More!
    VMware Installation and Configuration - This tutorial explain you How to Install VMware and configure it. Read for more!