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  • Nostradamus

    Nostradamus has endured thru out time since he wrote his quatrains. Love him or hate him he was the first shock rocker prophet. If you actually read his quatrains its pretty damn interesting. He definitely seemed like he foretold the rise of Hitler way before Hitler was even born. So don't always get the Nostradamus hate. Because well that is pretty weird if you read the quatrain he is obviously talking about Hitler. What do you think about Nostradamus? Love him or hate him. He definitely seems as if he was unto something..
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  • #2

    I took a trip to Palm Spring last week end and I meet quite a lot of incredible people there and, as usual, the majority of those truth seekers were highly spiritual creative Neptunians… The energy and love emanating from those old souls was amazing and the experience was quite phenomenal. Read and share pls.