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Fed Crumples - and Seals the Dollar's Fate...

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  • Fed Crumples - and Seals the Dollar's Fate...

    By John Rolls (Reporter)

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    By: Clive Maund / GoldSeek

    The Fed didn’t just fold on Wednesday, it crumpled, capitulated. A long time ago we had figured out that when push came to shove, this is what it would do. However, we thought that it would take a market crash to force it to change course, in order that it could use that as solid justification for a U-turn, instead of which it only took a crash, or the start of a crash.

    The Fed’s “Prime Directive” is to serve the interests of their Masters, the fabled 1% who control society, and they have done an admirable job of it over the past 10 years since the market crash, with their QE and ZIRP policies, which have funneled the wealth of the lower and middle classes up to the top of the pyramid, to the 1%, whose wealth has increased enormously as a result, while the common man has gotten poorer. This is a system that works so well for the 1% that they naturally want to keep it going as long as they possibly can – so they don’t want the markets to crash and the masses to come after them with pitchforks, as is starting to happen in France, where they made the mistake of turning the screw too far, and so, in deference to their Masters, the Fed is doing an about-face as it prepares to drop rates again and revert to QE.

    The Fed has struggled to create wiggle room for itself over the past year or two by steadily raising rates and starting to reduce its balance sheet, so that it will have some ammo ready to confront the next crisis, which ironically these actions are helping to bring on, but they have only made limited progress towards these objectives and are already having to reverse course to head off a market crash. But the problem is, as we had already worked out a long time ago, the Fed cannot “have its cake and eat it too”.