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Reset, Cryptos, Repatriation, Gold, Silver, Bank Holiday.

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  • Reset, Cryptos, Repatriation, Gold, Silver, Bank Holiday.


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    This is the question many are asking. How do I protect my money if or when a monetary reset takes place. Yes, I know the institutional minds have been saying this since the $700 Billion dollar bail out of October 3, 2008.

    Had the banks not received the money they would have closed at 2PM on October 4th. Several members of Congress called home and instructed their spouse to go to the ATM and draw out as much money as they could. People were listening but I don’t think many realized how bad it was.

    The Federal Reserve has used an entire box of Band Aid’s to keep the economy afloat. How you say? Loweirng the short term interest rate to 0, Quantitive easing, Operation twist. They are out of tricks. Now raising the interest rates will only hasten the collapse.

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    I think that all of these methods are bad and will not protect your money!


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      Of all the listed ways to protect my money, I chose cryptocurrency. I also think that the dollar will soon fall, gold and silver depreciate. We live in the world of the Internet. Stupid in the 21st century to invest their money in gold or silver. But when investing in cryptocurrency, you risk losing your money. The main secret is to choose a stable cryptocurrency which is constantly growing in price. I looked at the cryptocurrency forecasts and chose Bitcoin, Altcoin and Litkein for myself. I hope you take my advice and invest your money correctly!


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        It seems to me that the crypt has long been exhausted ...


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          It depends on the crypto to choose. I prefer to deal with ltc crypto. For the last few years it had been growing and seems to be even more profitable than ever before.
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