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Washington Post: Eyes Wide Shut

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  • Washington Post: Eyes Wide Shut

    By Political Pistachio (Reporter)

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    I never got a chance to talk about the death of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. He was killed in Turkey, and the Turkish government, along with other sources, provided evidence showing that the journalist was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. He was beheaded and fully dismembered after he was interrogated and tortured in ways that only the Muslim faithful are capable of.

    The story has become added yet another factor regarding the ongoing question about whether or not we should continue to treat the Saudis as if they are the good Muslims while considering ISIS and Iran the bad Muslims. In the end, the evidence is pretty firm that any people who fully adhere to the teachings of Islam (Sunni, Shiite, or other) are potentially dangerous, murderous, and capable of unspeakable acts of terror that no (or perhaps we should say “few”) Westerners are capable of. Therefore, we should not be schmoozing with the Saudis like we do. While they act like they are the opposite side of a coin from Iran, in truth, in many ways there is little difference between the two.

    We tippy-toe around the issue because we have been indoctrinated into believing that Islam should be handled with kid’s gloves. We want desperately to believe that it is not true that anyone who believes in the Koran’s text is capable of being a blood-thirsty jihadist. Even President Donald Trump, who normally has no problem speaking his mind regarding things, said that while he considered Khashoggi’s murder “a terrible thing,” he stopped short of assigning blame.