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Saving Christians From Christianity.

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  • Saving Christians From Christianity.

    "Saving Christians from Christianity” once you watch this video please read and share this article. Time to realize God is an eternal, omnipresent cosmic entity and you are made at his image... This mean you were born with the power of creation and you are not going to hell, because you are already on hell, right here on this dense physical world... In your fears, your cosmic ignorance and your reluctance to grown up psychically... Thank you all... DT THE ANTICHRIST AT WORK
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    As much as people believe there isnt just one religion to be the sole truth compared to other religions, Rationality says there must be. Jesus preached against the Jews of his time stating they corrupt the truth with there celebrations and formalism not rooted in truth. yet the whole time he was on earth he never stated all religions are just different ways to GOD. Matter of fact the basis of his teaching was to worship GOD a specific and set way and not let other religions and or Paganism infiltrate your service to GOD (Jehovah,Yahweh...etc...) by mixing those with the truth. He strictly taught everyone how to serve their creator,not to just pic a religion that suits you and follow....he taught exactly the opposite. He also taught the whole reason for the Apocolypse (GODS war on mankind and the fallen ones was to remove this disgusting mix of man made religions and preserve only those that follow GOD in truth.


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      The look on his face when the priest says at the end GOD is not a christian jew or any other religion....You can see the host trying to process his entire life under these lies.It looked like he was going to collapse..LOL