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    I have noticed being an independent that people from left or right or red and blue do not like to criticize their own party or side. Not all but many. If you cannot criticize your own affiliation in an attempt to make it better than what is the point of politics at all? I notice it a lot in many places. Just the thought of it really makes me feel like barfing. I think the leadership of both parties are very selfish and sold out. I have seen on social media me criticize Hillary and weird social justice warriors show up to defend her and go crazy on you. Usually have blocked them. As for Trump I could find many things that I do not like about him. Ammon Bundy just criticized his immigration policies. I think it takes balls and courage to criticize your own side and people that have that sort of discernment are a good thing and a blessing to know. I will include the Ammon Bundy article below. How do you expect what you to represent to get better if you cannot point out its flaws in hopes of transforming it? The problem with independent candidates is from what I've seen history wise they are all pretty goofy like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. I hope next election there is someone strong from the independent side that gives both parties a run for their lives. I just criticized the independent side its not brain science.
    The rancher who became a conservative hero in 2016 for leading an armed standoff with the government in Oregon says Trump is using fear-based language to describe migrants.
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    They're ALL to be criticized. Politics is dirty from top to bottom, including both major political parties. Honesty and politics mix like water and oil, it just doesn't happen. First, you have to understand that once a professional politician takes office, they exert their will, and not the will of the people. Second, professional politicians are "On-the-take". Legislation is a commodity, bought and sold on the floors of Congress. Washington politics is controlled by the wealthy, the powerful, and the influential, fact. Thus the sad shameful state this once great nation is presently in. One political party is no better than the other side, it's all the same game, the players just wear different jerseys during election cycles.

    Party politics is division, and division is what causes inequality, injustice, and reverse progress. As long as politics can keep us divided, the government wins. The greatest fear among professional politicians, is a united citizenry. And remember, the government is an entity unto itself, answerable to no one except itself. What we actually have in government, is "taxation without fair, equal, and just representation". To the government, the citizenry is merely a source of tax revenue and votes, period.

    Most Americans are not smart enough to realize the game being played on them by their own government. Voters continue to swallow the same ol' tired worn out rhetoric from self-serving power hungry candidates every single election cycle during campaign season. The anti-America crooks don't just waltz into Washington and take a seat, we, the voting public, put them there via our votes on election day. We play their game, aid and abet them, then complain for the next four years, then repeat the routine over and over, and over again.

    The only label that we should ever wear, is "Americans for America", period. Anything else is division, and division leads to eventual ruin.