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Ukraine's Dirty Disinformation Campaign Against Hungary

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  • Ukraine's Dirty Disinformation Campaign Against Hungary

    Adequacy of the Ukrainian authorities has been a debatable question for a long time. Every day official Kiev creates new newsbreaks, trying by all means to capture the attention of the international community. Doing this, Ukrainian politicians don't shy away from using dirty tricks, and often lie to the people. Thus, a few days ago a very interesting post appeared on the web. A woman from Berehove district of Zakarpattia region tells people about lawless and tyrannical behavior of the representatives of the Hungarian community who allegedly killed her under age son.
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    According to the mother's story, which is very emotional by the way, her son is a victim of "a gang of young thugs" who are ethnic Hungarians. They're keeping the whole neighborhood at bay and still are unpunished thanks to their endless influence in the region. As it has turned out, Hungarians are so strong that control even the police, which have rejected to initiate criminal proceedings. However, the woman couldn't bring any evidence except policeman's unintelligible words. What's more, she calls to arms the so-called "Ukrainian patriots" who will definitely be able to avenge for the brutal murder of the child.

    Obviously, the informational campaign targets Hungary that recently can't establish a dialogue with Ukraine. Besides that, Kiev needs to divert attention from its discriminative policy towards the national minorities living in the country. The Ukrainian leadership is tending to create a national state but many other nations are forgotten. Ukraine has set out to eliminate all national identities except the Ukrainian one particularly in the education. Not long ago a scandalous law on the education was adopted that significantly limited the possibility to study in other languages. However, the Hungarians not only are under a political pressure but also they are oppressed by the SBU and other paramilitary agencies that organize attacks on Hungarian cultural centers. Besides that, the radical nationalists should be mentioned. Some of them the woman's letter is addressed to. It is they who really keep the whole country at bay and do rule the country without any control. The far rightists even organize a kind of punishment actions in the regions where a lot of national minorities' representatives live. They terrify the locals and humiliate the national symbols. Thus, last fall Ukrainian nationalists came up in Berehove, broke the Hungarian flag from the town council building, and tried to burn it down. No surprise, such events make diasporas, which representatives are assimilated by force, to isolate themselves in their cultural domain.

    The question is how a country like Ukraine may hope to enter the EU? Its authorities neither can guarantee the basic rights for the people, nor provide the respect towards ethnic diversity and put an end to discrimination of national minorities.

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    You have made some very good points here, markbertalan. Definitely food for thought.