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  • Marijuana Equality For All

    It is weird that in one state you can buy weed at KFC with your dinner and then in another people are still in prison for it. I hope all the people running in the election on all sides finally get with the program and just legalize it like Canada has done. Big Pharma of course permeates that discourse and many other forces that do not want it to happen. FL passed medicinal and its so ridiculously screwed up it is insane. You can't buy bud just oils and all sorts of other weird restrictions. Still trying to understand it along with many I'm sure. If it were just legalized it could be used to fix our crumbling infrastructure and so many other things. This administration keeps circle wagon the scenario so much its confusing. One min Trump says he is going to legalize it and next thing you know he's making anti Marijuana task forces according to Forbes. Obama didn't do crap about it either when he could have. It could be a pivotal election decider for many. Specially cancer survivors like myself and children with seizures and people who are going thru medical stuff. My arthritis is a pain it has helped with. Hopefully we see some big change in this regard. We already have but truly embracing it could help America in so many ways I would think. To each their own but that's my Shaggy on it. =) Plus the world is a horror show right now.. comfort exists in this plant medicine.

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    It may take another year or two, but it'll be legal everywhere. The wheels are in motion as we speak. Pharmaceuticals, for-profit jails and prisons, and the uneducated are soon to be minorities in the fight to legalize it across the board.