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The Herbal Spice Which Gobbles Up Lung Cancer Cells

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  • The Herbal Spice Which Gobbles Up Lung Cancer Cells

    By Kyle Norton

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    Scientists may have found a pungent spice which processes a potential to treat lung cancer, according to studies.

    Lung cancer is a medical condition characterized by cell disorderly in the lung tissue.

    In Canada, according to the statistics, lung cancer is the leading cause of death in both men and women. Lung cancer accounts for 26.7% of all deaths from cancer and 6.5% of all mortality.

    The 5-year survival rate for people with stage IB NSCLC is about 68%.

    At the advanced stage, the lung cancer cell may suppress the nearby blood vessels and nerves leading to vomiting blood and localized severe pain accompanied by other general symptoms of cancer such as weight loss, reduce appetite.

    In this stage, lung cancer also can travel a distance away to infect other healthy cells of tissue and organs, leading to secondary metastasis.

    Most common glands and organs of lung cancer metastases are adrenal gland, bones, brain, and liver.

    Although there are many factors associated with the onset of lung cancer, some researchers suggested that current and past smoking accounts for most of the cases. The risk of developing lung cancer is about 23 times higher in male smokers compared to non-smokers, epidemiologically.