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    Many of us here have lost loved ones from cancer. I am a cancer survivor myself. I know someone going thru breast cancer right now. It is a rough road. Just a support thread. I've heard so much about cbd oil and other herbal therapies. Its just hard to know what actually works and does not. Seems like Chemo can be worse than the cancer possibly. True or not true? Felt true that is for sure! lol. I had it at 17 I'm fine now thanks to science and the Great Spirit. I of course like any survivor have worries of it returning. So we must be positive and try to take better care of ourselves and be strong always. What have u been thru? Any medical advice? Or perhaps a story to share regarding the subject to receive support from us.. Thanks for stopping by.
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    Hemp oil can cure cancer. Not CBD oil.


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      ty I thought cbd oil is made from hemp oil well some of it is and some is made from other parts of the plant. I know I saw on a site it said made from hemp for oil but then some isn't. Its confusing.
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        Search - Marijuana Oil + Cancer

        Simple to find out... Learn to SEARCH.

        CBD is only 1 extract and over promoted to get your $$$... because they can sell it.
        THC is the real ingredient that works.. out of some 54 in Marijuana.. most have not been researched.. because there was no money $$$$$$$$$$ in it.

        I fought skin cancer over the last year... and won....

        Used Black Salve - Bloodroot version initially.. that the American Indians and Australians used over 200 years.
        It kills the skin cancer in 10 days..
        Bloodroot blocks the cancer protein that allows it to hide from the body.
        One can take Bloodroot Capsuels too.. and purge the body..
        But it may be painful and cause numerous skin sores.. from the Detox..
        Which I found out.. 13 areas popped up.

        Medical Marijuana Oil.. using THC starves the cancer.. but is slower than Black Salve
        One can make Marijuana Oil from youtube videos..
        it is the full strength and will work.
        THC impacts you mentally ... so you have to be careful driving, working, etc..
        I only took the stronger pills before sleep because of this.

        Then.. there is Bible Oil... yep.. from

        Also search videos of Bible Oil.. or Bible Flowing Oil.

        This Bible has been making healing oil for the last 23 months in Dalton, Ga..
        They anoint people in healing services.... and do not sell the oil.. or even take Donations.

        I used it too.. and it helped with leg ulcers of 18 months.. from a blood clot as well as those 13 spots that broke out from Bloodroot Capsules..

        Now.. back to our normal programing.