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Roger Stone the Scapegoat to Help Cover-up Seth Rich Murder

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  • Roger Stone the Scapegoat to Help Cover-up Seth Rich Murder

    By John Rolls (Reporter)

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    Friends and Associates:

    I’m no fan of Roger Stone, but what is extremely critical about the FBI’s Hollywood Raid is a simple fact….the Deep State / Hillary Clinton and the DNC need ‘cover’ to hide the truth about who really murdered Seth Rich.

    The Seth Rich murder is key to EVERYTHING happening now……

    Mueller is just the Democrat Communist Party ‘clean-up man’ for the coming 2020 elections of which the witch herself (HRC) intends to run. Mueller is clearing the way by keeping anyone and every one of Trump’s associates busy financially in court and providing media with the tools to do just that!

    Those informed know there is “No Collusion” but ‘Process Crimes’ are easy to adjudicate and (most) anyone that has to appear before Mueller’s kangaroo hearings can easily be found guilty.

    NORMALLY……a ‘Process Crime’ requires a simple notification for the defendant to ‘turn-themselves-in’ by a specified time and day.

    Not the case lately by the Mueller team, because ‘optics’ are everything and media coverage is essential in paving the way for a Democrat win in 2020. Relying on the stupidity of the population, the narrative about “Russian Collusion” is then stamped on everyone’s forehead….again and again until 2020.

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