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China Employment Law Webinar: What HR Needs to Know

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  • China Employment Law Webinar: What HR Needs to Know

    By China Law Blog

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    Our lead China employment lawyer, Grace Yang, will be leading a 90-minute webinar on what HR departments need to know about China employment law, and boy is that a lot. Go here to sign up.

    It’s been about ten years since China enacted its “new” labor law and it is flat-out unbelievable how much has changed since then. I can remember how controversial it was back then when we first started writing about it. Way back in September 2008, I wrote a post, entitled, China’s Brand New Labor Law Regulations. It’s All Here. I remember well getting an e-mail from a client (no less) angry at me for even writing about it. His argument was something along the lines that by my even writing about it as though it “might” be followed was a “wasteful joke” because all it would do is cause “paranoid” foreign companies to abide by the law and further damage their ability to compete against their China company peers.

    My response was that we believed China would relatively quickly start enforcing its employment laws and would initially do so especially as against foreign companies. That was our theme from day one and many were unhappy about it. Emails poured in from people claiming we were writing about China’s employment laws just to gin up work for ourselves and it was ridiculous to believe China would ever enforce them and either we knew that and were trying to rip people off or we were just plain stupid. My response was always the same.