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Top Data Marketing Trends in 2019

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  • Top Data Marketing Trends in 2019

    The "Digital Trends" study conducted by Adobe and Econsultancy decrypts digital trends influencing marketing strategies. Unveiled on a preview on, the study underlines the increasingly important role of the data and the customer experience. In their 9th edition of digital trends "Experience Index, Digital Trends 2019", Adobe and Econsultancy highlight the ever more important role of the experience offered by brands to their customers, which must always be more personalized and simple. And this, to differentiate themselves beyond the products and their notoriety.

    Trend 1: Brand success requires the deployment of "hyper" personalized customer experiences

    The study links the maturity of companies in terms of customer experience with the benefits they have gained on a commercial level. "We see a strong link between the maturity of the proposed customer experience and the commercial outperformance, confirms Olivier Binisti, Principal Value Consultant of Adobe. The companies that consider themselves" very mature "(37%) are thus three times more likely to have significantly exceeded their main business goal of 2018. " The maturity of the companies is, nevertheless, correlated with the unification of the technological bricks, underlines the study.

    Companies whose technology stack is extremely unified have an additional 131% chance of having significantly exceeded their main business goal of 2018. Half of the study's participants say that their brand plans to increase their investment in technology. Customer experience technologies in 2019. 33% of large companies say "customer journey management" as the first priority related to digital. For 37%, the "dissemination of personalized experiences in real time" is the most promising prospect of the next three years.

    Trend 2: the data, a "critical resource"

    The highlighting of the interest of the data to create ever more personalized customer journeys is certainly not new, but "the brands are becoming more and more aware that the data represent a critical resource, continues Olivier Binisti. In this sense, the RGPD has had a positive impact on changing the minds of companies: they understand that it is no longer a matter of depositing tags at every turn on its sites to collect money. The data they collect is crucial to engaging differently with their customers, with 52% of the customer experience leaders reporting a positive impact from the RGPD. " It is therefore no longer enough to collect data; it is necessary to use them wisely to reach the customer at the right time (for him, and not for the brand), with a speech adapted to the person and contextualized. It must be in a form they can readily digest it, taking into consideration factors such as, the best Facebook post size so they’ll actually want to read it.

    In 2019, 55% of marketers are improving the use of data as a priority for more efficient segmentation and audience targeting. In this way, according to the survey respondents, individual-oriented data marketing is the most attractive opportunity for their brand in 2019 - a figure that increases as turnover increases. These are customer experience optimization, engaging content creation for digital experiences, and the use of marketing automation to improve efficiency and productivity.

    Proof of awareness of a "property of data" related to a requirement of confidentiality, brands and advertising agencies are also worried about "closed gardens of audience data": 44% fear the loss of control data entrusted to Google and Facebook, among others. "Brands are afraid of not being able to integrate audience data with their other data to create unified paths," says Adobe's Principal Value Consultant, "but also not being able to learn from that data."

    Trend 3: The use of artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is still booming: the share of companies that use it has increased from 24 to 36% in one year, and 38% expect to use in 2019. Olivier Binisti sees artificial intelligence as an opportunity for "increased marketing" for brands that can "optimize complex and time-consuming tasks, dynamically assemble content or quickly understand behaviors." However, the technology is still unknown, sharing Adobe. One-third (33%) of large companies admit that there is "no expressed need" for AI, while 37% do not know how to use it and 38% "have not yet looked at the question."

    Facebook, ever since its launch back in 2008, has had a rise in the number of users. Currently, Facebook boasts of over 2.23 billion active users per month wor

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