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What a spiritually destitute world!

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  • What a spiritually destitute world!

    Are You A Good Samaritan? As of today it seem you can only read my work from my blog from www.drturidotcom or if you join the cosmic code private website for FREE! The sad reality is religious or atheist people can never assimilate nor accept my cosmic messages and in a click they always mute me! Thus, my last few newsletters were removed from Facebook because they attracted a lot of attention and like this page I am Alien, UFO Reality with 10,135 (and counting) people who appreciate my writings, another of my Facebook page World War Three may be removed or impossible for me to edit or post any-longer soon. We can not let the evil of ignorance, stupidity, enviousness and idiocy stop my cosmic work, this is why if you are a supporter of my work, please share it widely! If you want to read my articles go to wwwdotdrturidotcom and click on my blogs because Facebook blocked my option to use links...Also February 2019 free daily guidance and predictions, Ancient Aliens, Draco and Dr. Turi Can You Handle The Truth? and other articles are gone because they also attracted TONS of interested and hundreds of likes. I am not allowed to insert links any-longer thus if you want to read my cosmic work, predictions ETC. again, join the cosmic code website FOR FREE and get my articles directly in your mail box... Google "cosmic code dr.turi" do not use your credit card and help me spread the truth! - Looks like soon I'll be totally out... Blessings DT