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A critical radio show you must listen too!

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  • A critical radio show you must listen too!

    Beyond the Matrix radio show January 2019 SOS to the world deadly windows predictions - A radio show you MUST listen and share pls. If you ever wondered about UFO's, how I do readings or explain what is and how Nostradamus’ 16th century Divine Astrology works, this show offers exactly that and some! Suzanne and John experienced my gift and we had a very interesting conversation where I was given ample time to channel Draco the beneficial ET who entered my life during the 2012 Solar eclipse.

    I also explained the difference between the nefarious reptilius *Darkness/negative and the “Gardeners of this world” the Draconis *the light/positive)

    Suzanne and I took plenty time to elaborate on what you can expect from her gathering in Sedona coming up March 19th and 20th and as far as my “hypnotic cleansing session” is concerned, what you MUST do (and not do) before entering the lecture / healing room. Read and share pls