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The Yellow Vest Movement Has Spread Like Wildfire Across the World

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  • The Yellow Vest Movement Has Spread Like Wildfire Across the World

    By Waking Times

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    If you’re interested in or somewhat confused by the Yellow Vest Movement (YVM), do yourself and society a service by reading this article in its entirety.

    To begin, the YVM is more or less Occupy 2.0; it’s an organic response to control and corruption even if it has been manipulated by powerful interests (including via misrepresentation in the corporate media). In short, it rejects the corporatocracy, otherwise known as the crony capitalism we have today. It rejects putting profits before the people and the environment. And it rejects greedy and evil behavior by those in power.

    Ultimately, it rejects oppression.

    There is a leader of the YVM, but it is not a person. Instead, it is an agreement. This interconnection has sometimes been spoken in historic incarnations, but not always. Regardless, the ancient union between the people can be summed up with one word: freedom.

    So whilst we enjoy the beginning of Twenty Nineteen, it is also important to pay respect to the hundreds of millions of people across our world who are somewhere between frustrated and outright furious with the corrupted design of our social system. They genuinely want change for the people and our future generations.