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  • Mark Dice Said What?!?

    By Christopher Watson

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    Note to reader:
    Everywhere you see “(clip)” is a reference to the video.

    This is one of those videos where I usually lose subscribers and amass a greater number of dislikes and a lot of nasty comments filled with ad hominems. If I was here to be popular and rack up the views, I’d have to pick a side and take a seat under the big top in the political circus. But I can’t do that.

    Unfortunately, because of the cognitive dissonance that has so firmly rooted itself in the collective minds of the masses, before I grudgingly do a video like this, I feel I have to remind everybody what a scum bag I think Hillary Clinton is, what a charlatan I think Obama was and is, how corrupt I think politicians are, how twisted Fakestream media is …how bought and paid for Congress is and how in-control the federal reserve banking cartel is. I’m not a democrat and I’m not a Republican simply because I refuse to participate in a corrupt system that derives its lifeblood from the theft of the people it claims to be protecting and serving.

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